October 15, 2012

2012 German IFA Exhibition

In August 30, 2012, Germany in 2012 Berlin International Consumer Electronics Fair ( hereinafter referred to as IFA ) the day before the opening, the reporter goes to Berlin, one of the airport, I felt IFA breath -- Samsung substantially IFA show ads posted in the lobby of the airport exit, in Berlin on the main road,dab8d29ck occasionally also met Sony LG, propaganda team. Visible, although the European debt crisis clouds not dissipated, but the enterprise on IFA show enthusiasm remains unabated, this kind of feeling with the reporters into the pavilion becomes more intense.

Festive event

The event attracted 1439 exhibitors, exhibit an area to amount to the highest, 142200 square meters, an increase of 1.4%. The pavilion is divided into 7 subject areas: home entertainment, entertainment, home appliances, media, mass media, communication, technology and components. In the IFA exhibition booth on the map, different subject areas with different colors to represent the,very easy to recognize. Among them, the red family entertainment area the area is the largest, occupy almost 1/3 of the total area of the pavilion. Home entertainment currently represents the booming sound (as ) frequency industry, including televisions, Blu-ray, home theater and other products. Light blue home appliance area times, concentrated in the first layer, including all electricity, small appliances, kitchen appliances, this is IFA. The remaining five major theme areas relatively small in size, distribution in the exhibition hall everywhere.

Apparently, IFA has become a global consumer electronics and home appliances brand contests arena, wonderful is everywhere. Among them, the highest profile corporations from Korea, Samsung and LG set new OLED TV billboards in the pavilion can be seen in the south around, even by a giant Samsung washing machine model instead of, the audience must be through the washing machine " barrels " to enter the hall.

To enter the exhibition hall, reporters were to occupy 1 of the first layer and most of the area of Siemens booth shock, which is almost equivalent to the domestic similar exhibition of seven or eight big companies booth area. Continue to go in, reporter discovery, Bosch, Miele, Liebherr, Panasonic, Sony, Philips, Samsung, LG, Toshiba, Electrolux ( AGE ), sharp, BEKO, Vestel, Nespresso, Delong, Gorenje, Jura, Metz, Epson has also arranged the large area of booth. Chinese brands are not resigned to playing second fiddle, Haier, TCL, Lenovo, Changhong, Hisense, beautiful, Galanz such enterprises to stand-up form display.

Evaluation of an exhibition is good or bad, the support is on the one hand, the number of viewers and enthusiasm are equally important. Because the German residents of Berlin only about 3400000, therefore carried out before, in reporter heart was to myself, how many viewers to see the exhibition, Air mouse the results show the number of big beyond journalists expected, especially Samsung black, Siemens brands such as the booth on the people, so many that the reporter is almost close to the product.

According to the statistics, the IFA exhibition of the total number of visitors exceeded 240000 people, an increase of 1%, professional audience of 142300 people, an increase of 7%. Among them, more than 42800 people from abroad, an increase of 11%. IFA exhibition organizers said, with these figures, IFA has become one of the world's major industrial, trade show.

At the same time, reporter discovery, in order to attract more consumers, IFA provides family tickets, discount tickets for students choose, here can not only meet with children to see the exhibition of one family, can be seen gathering in crowds and groups of students. In addition, the IFA is still outside the hall park was held in the open air concert, let IFA more entertaining.

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October 04, 2012

Web camera

Now the " HD " and " IP " has become the field of security monitoring the hottest two hot, with IP HD products quickly overwhelmed, all manufacturers are in excluding the cost of inputs, HD brings the high quality, super wide scene of people with great visual shock. IP HD video camera has become a monitoring area of growth, smart TV remote the most eye-catching products. In the monitoring network of tide drive and driven by market needs, IP HD video camera to achieve major breakthrough, and into a major project in the practical application, video surveillance has entered the IP era of High Definition HD become, security monitoring of new era theme.

IP high-definition camera product technology application characteristic

IP high-definition cameras from the intention of speaking beyond traditional commonly used analog camera. Now available in HD camera has been formed millions of pixels as the basis, 2000000 pixels, 3000000 pixels as a forerunner to the diversification of product structure. A IP HDTV camera comprises a video collecting network transmission, video coding, etc.. A IP HD video camera can be regarded as a high-definition video camera and a computer with. It is through the CMOS/CCD photoreceptor for progressive scanning, HTPC keyboard the light signal can be captured directly by SoC single chip processing, directly through the IP network transmission, thereby users can through standard based on IP network infrastructure in local or remote locations for viewing, storage and management of video data.

IP high-definition network camera the main technology characteristic is its high pixel of the high clear image, and transmission through the network can be very convenient to realize multiple regional networking and remote control, the security monitoring is of very important significance:

1) cover range bigger as mentioned above, IP HD camcorder is a major advantage is the same, with a wider coverage, surveillance area can replace the original multiple fixed cameras or omnidirectional camera. The intensive sites, such as the airport security check channel, subway, station, shopping mall entrance, parking, factory, bank teller, originally in general need to design a dense low resolution camera, to protect the dead, and now, the deployment of IP HD video camera is a good choice.

2) better quality images of alleged "detail decides success or failure ", IP HD cameras using advanced photoreceptor so that the image detail is more clear, especially for mobile object, progressive scanning can provide us better image quality, effectively solves the interlaced scanning the comb fuzzy phenomenon. Reliable image quality + details = reliable rapid investigation and analysis, to make the video store massive data in the hard disk is all valuable image data, Bluetooth keyboard the license plate, face recognition is very important for the application. Conversely, if the poor image quality, the lack of detail information, will give the future investigation work to bring huge difficulty.

3) many regional network more convenient with the IP high-definition network camera gain ground, with the support of the back-end product HD embedded NVR products also become more rich, the network camera especially IP high-definition camera popularization plays a very important role, its main function is on the network video streaming video, storage, and to provide a real time display and agent forwarding functions, the general use of embedded system, the hard decoding support multiple network SD or HD camera access. To the world Albert embedded NVR for example, it can support 16 or 8 road signs clear high-definition network camera access; embedded hardware decoding, can be real-time preview, video; internal hard disk can store; built-in proxy forwarding module can access the video stream forwarding;

In addition, with VGA and BNC two output interface can be decoded on the wall display; it also can be used as a node device in the system to do, do node monitoring and distributed storage. IP high-definition network cameras available through the IP network so that the interconnection of great improve, realize multiple platform interconnectivity, Air mouse can integrate the social resource, linkage each command center and Information Center, realize the information exchange, resource sharing, technology compatibility, is favorable to the whole social resources sharing, for all kinds of events treatment can be effective, rapid response, " plug-and-play " use models provide a flexible extension function.

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