May 31, 2012

battery car

In Chengdu City Jinjiang District paper tree village happened with storage battery car theft. In the stolen nearly 1hours later, the owner Mr. Zheng by remote lock,dab4c51ck not only the car back, also caught the thief. Yesterday, the reporter learned from Jinjiang District's Procuratorate, stealing the car battery Zhang has been arrested.

" I just try, never thought he stole the car didn't go away." Mr Zheng says, it was 9 at night, he rode home, forget to get on the lock, parked at the gate. A few minutes later, Zhang passed from the doorway, see the black car battery car unlocked, thought he had learned repair motorcycle and bicycle, hit the car. To avoid attracting attention, he first put the battery car pushed a few hundred meters,solar panel 2012 to find a hiding place, only to switch on the power, riding along.

Mr. Zheng after coming home, the old feeling forgotten something, push the door to look, discover the car battery disappeared.Plastic wood He hastened to call a friend, start looking for. They had not gone far, found in roadside originally on the car 's electrical kit. At this time, a friend on another car battery car come, Mr Zheng of vehicle remote control is in him, decided to try his luck:" I make friends with me, I have been pressing on the remote lock, as long as the car is in the vicinity, certainly will be locked."

At this time, from the storage battery car theft has nearly1 hours, Mr. Zheng and friends came to the nearby glazed overpass. Suddenly, he heard a loud alarm sound, following the voice, a black car battery car has stopped, a man is pushing the stop alarm battery truck ahead.The dc motor about the new Harvard's car models Mr. Zheng and friend immediately catch up, found the car battery is their own, their two thieves rushed to the police station.

" I was a little nervous, thought is the DC Motor Speed Control storage battery car broke down." Zhang said, he didn't think the owners will find their way by such.

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May 25, 2012

Author Golgi

Author Golgi in" childhood" also repeatedly stated:" whenever I recall the oppressive dirty savages, I often ask myself: this ugly behavior necessary to write? Every time I have full confidence in himself : the need to answer! Because this is real ugly realities of life, the reality at present still exist. To change this reality, from people's memories and soul, from our heavy dirty life clear its influence, must have a thorough understanding of the reality." " I describe the real life in this ugly behavior, and a more positive reasons: Although the scandal disgusting, makes us feel depressed; although they killed countless beautiful soul, but the Russian soul be still as healthy, young, are overcome and finally be able to overcome this bad behaviour.

"Our life is very wonderful. In our life, although the breeding of various unscrupulous scum of the fertile soil, but the soil will eventually grow excellent, healthy and creative power, grow a kind and humanitarian things, they continue to inspire us to build a bright human life the immortalization of hope."

This shows Golgi's aesthetic principles: writer need not be avoided in the life of any scandal, but the purpose is to arouse people's attention, so as to eliminate it, and believe that human society has a really good self-regulation mechanism.

On the other hand, shows that Golgi is write a tragic childhood experience, is not for the purpose of showing him how values of compassion and pity, also is not only simple memories of childhood, but with their own childhood experiences, tell the reader, no matter how bad, how hard the life. There is always some kind of wonderful people, as long as have a heart up, in a dirty environment can also develop a healthy, honest heart. Therefore, we say that the ideological content performance is positive and the decadent tired.

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