December 27, 2012

Remember yourself

Remember me, I am. The ignorant youth, the meteor to smile. The lonely figure, the pursuit of love child paper, maybe it's not me.

Remember me, I am. The sentimental years, dab8f28ek the heartbeat of love. The vision, the paper looks forward to a happy girl, maybe that's not my.

Remember me, I am. The ignorance of the past, the grass like memories. The love once, the wait for the back child paper, maybe it's not me.

Remember me, I am. The heart of the past, the stinging pain. The kind of memory, it ultimately forgotten child paper, maybe it's not me.

Remember me, I am. The struggle for the dream, the close friend as friendship. The distance traveled, the rush day rush girl paper, summer job maybe it's not me.

Remember me, I am still, but I am not the same. I'm not a child anymore, no green, no longer ignorant. No heart, no longer naive.

Remember me, I am I, I just want to dull life, cheap baby clothes luxury has become a luxury. I think years don't return, maybe that is my.

Life how many passer-by, dream many bumpy. Stand up, child, you have grown up.

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December 19, 2012

Old people

In old age, can suddenly realize: there is at the end of life. This sentiment will make them act, to do something they really want to do, but it used not to do, sometimes, they even use their unexpected way!

In old age, can really understand their own, also belongs to himself, and with a tolerant, comfortable dab8f26ek and honest way to accept yourself.

In old age, just understand, run to and fro to want to change is not other, exactly is their own. Dozens of years for nothing, but to know.

In old age, can really realize what is all rivers flow to the sea. What all is one.

In old age, began to understand. The old own landscape of old age. Youth is beautiful, but he will as the world goes by and fade, and youthful state of mind is the life of a change of scenery line!

In old age, calm attitude towards marriage and family. They know. Nothing in the world is entirely man mind woman, also not quite mind man woman.

In old age, summer job already know how to comfort themselves, and learn in the endless darkness seems to be for their own point of a lamp of hope.

Old people, see people and things not so easy as it used to. Therefore, do not have to follow the way.

In old age, began to understand the world in black and white, is not no confusion, often have a series of intermediate color.

In old age, began to understand, life, regardless of success or failure, happiness and suffering, ups and honor, all natural water, and from there to also go back there, so, the quiet.

In old age, began to understand, aging is not from middle age, but from the tired of life begins.

In old age, began to understand, loneliness, loneliness, pain, failure, of life are indispensable condiment, therefore, panama foundation treat the real life to.

In old age, there is no longer young arrogance, young romance, the more it is the comprehension of life and understanding.

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December 12, 2012

Emerging market

At present, in the mobile phone, digital TV, mobile terminal and other hot market demand drive below, since this year, China's IC chip design industry continues to maintain good development momentum, the first half of the total sales revenue reached 22470000000 yuan, dab8f23ek a year-on-year increase of 20.8%, once again become China's integrated circuit industry highlights. But in the future development, design industry is still faced with weak external demand, insufficient domestic demand, add fast hasten delay wait for a lot of pressure.

Mixed development

This year China IC design industry development, it may be said " bittersweet ". Happy is, has two IC design enterprise turnover exceeded $1000000000, the implementation of China's IC design the dimensions of the enterprise development goals. The worry is that, many of digital tv player the current domestic small enterprises meet in low-end products, in order to spell cost, spell the price, and the product is very approximate, difference degree is not high.

At the same time, the IC design industry development can not get rid of the influence of macroscopical economy environment. China Semiconductor Industry Association IC director Wei Shaojun have pointed out: " the poor macroeconomic environment will certainly affect the IC design industry as a whole, make the market growth slowed, but still not to the whole IC design industry caused by the crisis. In the history, the development of the IC industry has a periodic, growth rate will continue to fluctuate, the current situation is within the normal range. " Turning next to IC design industry, Wei Shaojun argues, may this year, also may be weak in.

China IC design industry development situation, Wei Shaojun said: " China IC design industry as a whole is not a small scale, but the single enterprise dimensions still slants small, still did not have a scale of enterprises to enter the global top ten. The next step is Chinese IC design enterprises to enter the global top ten, at the same time, enhance the design capability and high-end talent reserve. "

Shenzhen semiconductor industry association secretary-general Cai Jinjiang thinks, the electronic manufacturing industry from the manufacturing cost to start turning innovative manufacturing, and high-end manufacturing integration of intelligent manufacturing is the Chinese electronics manufacturing industry in the future. For China IC design industry, many of the same companies free youtube downloader are profit and sales revenue double decline, particularly in the power supply and the television field.

At present, China has entered the IC design industry and the international design giants face competition stage. But from the point of enterprise dimensions, the domestic IC enterprise and international tycoon also has the very big disparity. How in the limited market space for a slim chance of survival, Spreadtrum communications ( Tianjin ) Limited company vise general manager Luo Lu told the " China Electronics News " reporter: " a few years ago when we started, the market has been dominated by foreign chip companies, the industry almost no space. But after entering the market, services to the 2G3G4G as an opportunity, tailored, close to the customer's needs, and full service, quickly to solve technical problems. At the same time, attention to marketing, providing high strength marketing support and comprehensive integrated marketing assistant, thereby obtaining consumer attention. In addition, the enterprise should have the ability of innovation, Spreadtrum innovation impetus is the crisis consciousness, spirit, courage to excel. "

Seize the emerging market

In 2012 China intelligent mobile phone capacity is expected to reach 181000000 by 2015 will account for, intelligent mobile phone China mobile phone market share 85%. TD-SCDMA chip demand in 2014 will reach 120000000, supports both TD-SCDMA and WCDMA multimode terminal chip market opportunity is tremendous.

" Mobile Internet eruption and strategic emerging industry, for the IC design industry will bring more market opportunities. " Wei Shaojun said, " in fact, market opportunities are always there. New sources of energy, movie player electric vehicle, a new generation of information technology and the emerging industry needs IC support and the foundation, is the key to Chinese enterprise how to seize the opportunity, how to develop products that meet market demand, to adapt to new industry business model, development model, the application environment is very important. "

The mobile Internet market, Luo Road, think, should rely on market development of China Mobile Internet industry.

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December 04, 2012

LED Street extension

On November 30th reported that " LED street is? The government saw the GDP, in the present is in the eye of a lot of money, it seems to me very frightened, it is a pressure. " In a keynote speech on the development trend of road lighting, an industry expert in this fun way to express his current LED road lamp heat 

Along with the city lighting to low carbon development of illumination, is safe, energy-saving, long life, no two pollution and other advantages of emerge as the times require, LED products and the industry especially the lighting industry to develop energetically, plus " ten city lights " and the State encourages the development of new energy, energy-saving products application policy add fuel to the fire, this several years lighting industry energy saving will talk about the LED, a LED fever swept across the country. Especially in the LED street lamp in public lighting application most fiery, time has become the outdoor illumination application high " Shuai fu ". However, industry for LED streetlight cold thinking of hot never stop, LED street has many problems, let many people such as the beginning of the expert on LED street, large area promotion still worried. This period " special attention " we will focus on this hot topic, discuss

From May this year, Guangdong Province within three years of public lighting the popularity of LED lighting begins to carry out, Guangzhou, Shenzhen has a real pace. Recently, Zhuhai city announced to be completed by the end of 2013 more than 9 street lamp transformation of significant energy-saving plan, Zhanjiang city announced before the end of 2014 to complete about 60000 . LED street lamp replacement transformation. Guangdong Province Lighting Association President Quan Jian: " the public lighting field of popular LED market cake, lamp enterprises will share the most. "

With the power of LED to continuously reduce costs, to gradually replace traditional lighting becomes possible, LED light source application in road lighting in recent years has become a hot spot of semiconductor lighting industry. From 2005 up to now, LED street lamp parameter, performance rising, also let LED device products applied to the street lamp is convincing growing.

Guangdong Zhaoxin lighting company deputy general manager, technical director Xu Liancheng thinks, according to the current LED lighting industry technology present situation, LED lighting cannot completely replace dab6f21ck any previous lighting products, but in some areas still have massive popularity conditions. For example in the illumination path, the LED street lamp light effect has more than high pressure sodium lamp, the light utilization rate far exceeds the HPS, life, environmental protection and other advantages also was significantly higher than that of high pressure sodium lamp PC Remote Control.

Lights of Shenzhen City Environmental Management Center planning and design room director Wu Chunhai in the integrated LED street lamps and high pressure sodium lamp illumination, power density, maintenance index,and combined with the actual situation of city road lighting after that, the current mainstream LED road lamp has more than 400W sodium lamp, has been able to meet all the requirements of road lighting. But consider the lamp power and energy-saving rate, the two-way 6 driveway or the road the following application better economy. Through reasonable design, LED street lamp compared to the new sodium lamp power-saving rate can reach over 40%, compared to the old lamp can reach more than 50%.

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