September 24, 2012

How to make the miniature projector fire up

With the development of technology, and product updates, mini projector market is about to embark on a broad road.

" When the mobile device and user demand when combined together, would have opportunities to produce. " A projection industry veteran who once said. It is because the user on the projector portability demand rise, region free dvd mini projector will emerge as the times require. With the development of technology, micro cast brightness to continuously upgrade, volume is in drop ceaselessly, the portability is closer to user needs. However, in recent years, micro cast market capacity and did not get much promotion.

Micro cast considerable development prospects

Micro cast products have entered the China market a few years, but sales have been a modest state. BenQ ( China ) projection department director Huang Zhenyu think, this is mainly restricted by two factors. First, the product cost is too high, the price has been falling down, the market around 500 lumens micro cast products, prices are close to 5000 yuan, which makes ordinary consumers some difficult. Second, Zone Free DVD dab6d28ck product brightness has no breakthrough, the 500 lumen to 600 lumens are mainstream market to the highest luminance. While the brightness and promotion, product volume will increase. If we can overcome these limitations, micro investment market will be a significant growth.

TI is expected, in 2012 a cast product in global shipments will reach 4000000, the next few years will soon exceed 20000000. At the same time, as the past two years, LED light source technology widespread application, to mini projector market arisen laid good foundation, as the DLP chip provider -- TI also introduced more micro cast chip, red wine can help manufacturers will be the volume of products to be made smaller, the user is more convenient to carry, which to some extent, has also promoted micro investment and market development.

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September 18, 2012

Salt " storage of solar energy

All the time since, wind dominates vast renewable energy market, used in solar energy production of the latest developments may make solar energy become more viable option.

If the solar energy can be stored, solved the problem, but the solution difficult to implement. Until recently, the field has found a breakthrough storage material, Solar Panel Supplier to make solar energy storage become reality, and this breakthrough storage material is a life of the most common " salt ".

In fact, this kind of magical material not ordinary salt, but usually as fertilizer in different salt mixture. At present, Solar Module Manufacturer dab6d25ck the storage of solar energy method has been in Spain Anderson Thor power plant opening.

Anderson was a plant collector of solar energy in the sunny weather through the oil collecting heat, additional oil is transported to the heat energy converter, Google TV remotes converter operates in the storage of molten salt giant barrels, low-temperature molten salt into high temperature molten salt. When the power station to store heat, high temperature salt can be poured into the converter, the heat is transferred to the oil used to produce steam, Promotion gifts and then cooling the molten salt reflux into the low-temperature barrels. This process repeated cycles, implementation power plant on the sustainable use of solar energy.

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September 13, 2012

Diode characteristics and Applications

Led a wide range of products, of various shapes, specifications are all kinds of. According to the switching diode. In accordance with the tube core structure, and can be divided into point contact diode, rafed surface contact diode and planar diode, reishi dab6d23ck the tube core structure is shown in figure 1.

Point contact diode is made with a thin metal silk on smooth semiconductor circuit, such as a radio receiver.

Surface contact type diode " PN " area is large, to allow passage of larger current ( several to dozens of security ), mainly jujfe used for the alternating current is converted into direct current " rectification " circuit.

Planar diode is a kind of special silicon diode, it can not only through the larger current, and stable and reliable performance, much used in switch, pulse and high frequency circuit.

Diode conductive characteristics of what is

One of the most important characteristics of diode is unilateral conductivity. If the current flow analogy, then cilike in the circuit in which the diode is mounted on the water pipe to let water one-way flow valve, non-return valve, as shown in figure 2. When the water from the pipe end to A B end, the valve opens, the flow of water is smooth; when the water from the pipe end to B A end, the valve is closed, water circulation. Diode circuit symbols as shown in figure 3. Map with arrows on one side of the diode cathode (anode), DVD to PSP a short side is its negative electrode ( cathode ). In the circuit, the current can only flow from the positive electrode of the diode, the cathode outflow. Following through simple experiments illustrate diode characteristics and reverse characteristic.

Forward characteristic

A small 2.5V bulb ( flashlight with small bulbs ), a surface contact type diode and two dry electronic circuit, as long as the positive electrode of the diode is connected to the higher potential side, olfelife connected at low voltage, diode will conduct, Wireless keyboard the connection mode, called the forward bias. Must, when added to the two ends of the diode forward voltage is very small still, diode can not lead, flows through the diode forward current is very weak. Only when the forward voltage reaches a certain value ( the value is called " threshold ", germanium tube is about 0.2V, silicone tube is about 0.6V ), lofea led to the conduction. Conducting the voltage across the diode basically remained unchanged ( germanium tube silicon tube is about 0.3V, about 0.7V ), known as the " diode forward voltage drop ".

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September 06, 2012

Low pressure difference linear voltage regulator

LDO low dropout regulator, meaning low dropout linear voltage regulator, is compared with the traditional linear regulator. The traditional linear regulators, such as 78xx series chips are required to input voltage to output voltage higher than 2v~3V above, otherwise it can not work normally. But in some cases, this condition is obviously too severe, such as 5V 3.3V, Dynamic LED luminous characters input and output of the differential pressure of only 1.7V, is clearly not meet the conditions of. In this case, only the class LDO power conversion chip.

LDO is a linear regulator. Linear regulator used in the linear region of operation of the transistor or FET, from the application of the input voltage is subtracted from the excess voltage, LED thermal resistance factor to produce a regulated output voltage. The so-called drop voltage regulator, refers to maintain the output voltage at its rated value 100mV is required within the input voltage and the output voltage of the minimum variance. Positive output voltage regulator ( LDO low voltage drop ) usually use the power transistor ( also known as transmission equipment ) as PNP. This transistor to allow the saturated, so the regulator can have a very low drop voltage, usually about 200mV; compared with the use of NPN composite power transistor,ITO chip application in LED the traditional linear regulator of pressure drop of about 2V. Negative output LDO uses NPN as its transmission device, its operation mode and positive output LDO PNP device similar to. Update on the development of the use of CMOS power transistor, it can provide the lowest pressure drop voltage. The use of CMOS, through the regulator voltage drop is the only power equipment load current resistance caused by ON. If the load is small, the resulting voltage drop of only a few tens of millivolts.

DCDC is a DC to DC ( to ) ( different DC power transformation of values ), as long as consistent with this definition can be called DCDC converter, including LDO. But the general argument is that the DC ( to ) by means of DC switch device called DCDC.

LDO is a low pressure drop point, Fiber optic lighting it has an explanation: pressure drop ( LDO ) linear regulator of low cost, low noise, small quiescent current, which is its outstanding advantages. It requires external components are rare, usually only need one or two bypass capacitor. The new LDO linear regulators can achieve the following indexes: the output noise of 30 μ V, PSRR for 60dB, the static current of 6μ A, voltage drop of only 100mV. LDO linear regulator performance can reach this level, main reason depends on the adjustment of pipe is used P channel MOSFET, but the common linear regulator is the use of PNP transistor. P channel MOSFET is driving voltage, electric current is not needed, so greatly reduces the device itself current consumption; LED Dimmer Switch dab5d58ck on the other hand, using the PNP transistor circuit, in order to prevent PNP transistor saturation and lower the output capacity, between the input and output of the voltage drop can not be too low; and P channel MOSFET the voltage drop is roughly equal to the output current and the on-resistance. Because MOSFET conduction resistance is very small, so it 's very low voltage drop.

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