November 29, 2012

The HDMI switch with

In real life, we may have a variety of different HD equipment, such as digital high-definition TV, plasma displays, LCD display, set-top boxes, Blu-ray player, DVD player. The HDMI switch tv media player can achieve in a variety of different media player and apparatus for switching between, dab6e23ck is a very good device to achieve a variety of entertainment equipment seamless connection between.

This paper recommended the green alliance HDMI switcher 3 into 1 switcher, analysis from various aspects of HDMI switch related knowledge.

When the power source is turned on, the automatic green HDMI switch will automatically switch between input signal. For example, when you are watching TV programs when opened, Blu-ray player, then, the HDMI switch will be automatically transferred to the Blu-ray player.

Green HDMI switcher

Let's have a look green HDMI switch product performance:

Product characteristics:

1, support HDMI1.3b, fully support 1080P 12-bit pixel.

2, to support the video dvd creator amplifying signal bandwidth of up to: 2.5Gbps

3, intelligent switch and manual switching of dual choice

4, both ends of a supporting the long 10 meters long distance transmission ( specific length and wire, output device )

In 5, HDCP compatible equipment

6, through the FCCCE certification

7, support for high-definition video, free video converter clear picture quality

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November 16, 2012

Noble motives

Want to change others, have to cater to their noble motives. Everyone is an idealist, have love for what they do find a noble cause. If you can find them, you must use the right way to speak out, so as to meet his pride, let him feel very face. When you face a person's time, if you don't know him, so please take seungriya him as a good honest. If you can really treat him, so even scammers will also give you a sincere return.

I in Missouri's countryside, there was the car thieves Jesse James activities. Due to his experience of curiosity, I visited his farm, sandarari to listen to his wife about those who rob the rich and assist the poor story.

Jesse may be the ideal that regard themselves as heroes. Remember the previously mentioned " two-gun " g Rory? They both think they do not betray my conscience, that they are public benefactor. And you? If you ever face the mirror brags? As a matter of fact, we always think of himself is very great, always like to beautify their own.

In his writings Ponte Morgan said; " a man to do a thing, usually for two reasons; one is the real reason, another good reason. " However, the real reason is often very plain, no need to emphasize their. But the best reason is different, people always want to hear this reason, because it seungriya can make people feel good. Accordingly, want to change others, you need to dig out the noble motives. In complex business, the idea is simply whether or not? Let us have a look the following example.

Farrel has a house is not satisfied with the guests, he told Farrel to move out immediately. But there are four months before his term expired, monthly rent is 55 dollars. Farrel thought; this man in my house have spent all winter, once he moved out, I want a fall before finding new tenants, it would be quite difficult. Saw the hand of 220 dollars will go off, a my future life would be better.

According to general situation, Farrel should try to keep the tenants, advised him to have a look at the lease, if he moved to pay liquidated damages. But Farrel did not do so, he decided to change a way to deal with him. He said " Sir, tenant; your opinion I have considered, it really hard for me to imagine you will move out of many years of experience, the rent so I can tell a person's character. From the first time I saw you, I believe you are a man of his word. Because of this, I will talk to you a piece of advice -- you want to take this decision aside, then c consider carefully. If you are at the beginning of next month ago still not going to change my mind, I promise you never stop. I agree with you to move, and confess to you that I get you wrong! However, I still believe that you are a man of his word, and you will live about invalid due date. Of course, I respect your choice, you have the right to decide to live or not to live. " Result? The end of the month, the tenant to leave the room up. He told Farrel that he and his wife, after careful consideration, they think this place is also good, they are ready to live. I think they must have found out; the only decent thing is to live to the specified time.

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November 14, 2012

Facing the survival dilemma

In just the past two months did not allow businesses gain a " golden nine silver ten " ". Due to the whole of the furniture industry is stagnant, although the business has taken a substantial promotion and sales strategies, but the market does not have very big improvement, make its many discount promotions were futile, price competition has no great significance.

Although the related statistical data shows, this year the market over the same period last year have improved, and the property market is closely related to the furniture industry, still do not see any signs of warmer. " Big brand should not be greatly affected, but some small brands or small businesses, impact should be small. " A staff member said.

The reporter understands in interview, furniture industry this year, the overall downturn in the industry in the downstream of the small businesses are more difficult, and a number of stores in the sparse crowd give proof of. " Now a morning almost no customers, and you will see. " A seller told reporters, " compared with the same period last year, sales volume drops somewhat, after many discount promotion, achievement also sell do not go. "

The downturn in the market, how to survive the basis to keep their profits are businessmen first need to consider the problem. In November, Beijing begins to carry out furniture with old change new, largely on the market at present is more like a trial, and can eventually brings for furniture industry like home appliances, automobile that opportunity is not known. " Individual stores in the development with old change new, but this is not universal, for many small and medium-sized businesses, operable partition dab6d22ck the operation is very difficult. " A merchant tells a reporter.

The depressed market, raise the cost of rental store in successive years rises, many businesses have begun to attempt through the online platform for sales, to expand sales channels. But from the point of practical effect, and did not play a fundamental role. The reporter understands, the small number of furniture products as the main face of the young customer groups, in the online sales of good, and relatively large furniture, due to the installation, customer service, online sales are not ideal.

In the interview, in home furnishing building materials industry practitioners in the past 7 years Mr Wong told reporters, this industry technical doorsill is low, a few years can be said to be " lying down can make money ", does not need to how superb marketing tool. Therefore, a few years greatly small manufacturers, businessmen like bamboo shoots after a spring rain like appearance, due to production process of similar products, the difference is very small, when consumer is buying can make comparisons. In order to attract customers, merchants began a round of promotions, will profit a pressure-pressed, just to get more sales.

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November 08, 2012

The man with a gambling

A man, nive out of ten are gambling.

Men gambling, investigate its germ, and seek to prevail over others personality, more is emulative person, uklike the greater the gambling addiction.

The casino man basically can be divided into three types: find amusement when the occasion arises, entertainment and assiduously type. Find amusement when the occasion arises the gamblers, gambling addiction minimum, this kind of people being flat and, stand aloof from worldly success, have an inferiority complex, in dealing with interpersonal relationships, not only attach importance to process also does not take the results, for the sake of peace, even by their own experiences, also do not want to offend the strong, they often play the role of the casino. When the other gamblers win, not hate him, lose will be the winner's sympathy. Entertainment type gamblers, gambling addiction is moderate, such a cunning, like to make friends, have a sense of superiority, in relationships, only pay attention to do not pay attention to the process, jlike in order to highlight the distinguished, usually not to stick at trifles, give a person suddenly beautiful impression in the casino, they often play the role of gentleman, win other gamblers register profound respect, when the other winners will get dizzy with success. Assiduously type gamblers, gambling addiction, this kind of people struggle with strong sense of individuality, perverse, with confidence, in dealing with interpersonal relationships, not only value the process value the results, in order to win, rack one's brains about risk of strokes, weird toxic action frequency, a rival to death and then quickly, they often play in the casino fighter role, win other gamblers gnash the teeth in anger, when the other winners clap hands for joy.

The man in the real life fropper and the casino gamblers are similar.

A man in his early education, success was told the goal, want to succeed must be firm and indomitable fighting spirit and cultivate the spirit of never yield in spite of reverses, want to succeed must seize the opportunity and partly hidden and partly visible transient opportunity, want to succeed must be ready to do boldly what is righteous, want to succeed must put aside be immersed in love, what's more, in order to succeed, as long as their own still alive, do not illegal, may give up the moral restraint, despite the friendship of bundles, thirty-six tricks, seventy-two kinds of change, rack one's brains to have add, ultimate. Successful people believe, always follow the backbone of strong weak, to reach the top of the Pyramid, the whole society is a hundred-percent casino.

In the intrigues of the casino. Go on, the men of his own suffering, carefully judged the situation objectively, make a choice, either to find amusement when the occasion arises, either arty, or shopping in the end. Find amusement when the occasion arises, as weak, Gan human ladder, eat a homely fare, do a lifetime of a cipher, although valiant record, but also have practical freedom. Arty, olikeh unwilling to admit defeat, because of limited capacity, may have committed a despot, love, and the high places, occupy the hotel building hall, have no real materials, but also had a handsome nice. For shopping in the end people, I cannot give description, the winner is king, bandits, and no one can predict the final outcome, they are addicted to gambling addicts, success, must be a man, failed? The bottom of the society, or heroes of the Greenwood prisoner? I can make nothing of it.

At the casino, I willing to find amusement when the occasion arises in the casino gamblers, a society, I will eat for a lifetime homely fare.

Alas, different people have different aspirations., life cannot importune.

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November 01, 2012

The principle more longevity

The United States two professors published book, called " longevity planning ". This book analyzes a 80 year long study, Landscape product dab2d12ck conclude finally: principles more longevity.

Two professors mentioned in the book of the long study began in 1921. At that time, a psychologist at the Stanford University in 1500 smart and active children, they collect all sorts of data, the next 80 years, babyclothwear other scholars continue to this research, the collection of these research object lifetime total of about 10000000 copies of data. The researchers think after the analysis, the principle of human longevity is more likely.

A man of principle is long for a variety of reasons. First, these people are more willing to comply with the rules, to protect their own health, to avoid such as smoking, no safety belt drive and other high risk behavior. If the doctor let them take medicine, they will strictly abide by the method of taking medicine. Secondly, the principle character makes a person easy to build healthy relationships, such as marriage, happiness, friendship more deeply, Ken Nam manufacturer the work environment better. Of the 1500 respondents, many adult after World War Second, divorce, work pressure, challenges such as occupation change. There are principles have the ability to solve these problems, " self-healing " can help them to regain the health life style road.

In addition, the book also proposed, other help longevity factors include keeping close contact with others, the other, from the average level, Ken Nam Limited the cause of the most successful people than the least successful long life of five years.

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