July 26, 2012

implementation rules

Since 5 month beginning, energy-saving appliances subsidies implementation rules promulgated in succession, in a 1 year period of subsidy, the government will invest 26500000000 yuan for energy-saving air conditioning, TV, freezer, washing machine and water heater product of five kinds of home appliance subsidy. Up to now, energy subsidies policy has been implemented for more than a month, the parties reacted not one, but the mainstream sound thinks, the policy not only reversed the first downturn in the home appliance market,wireless keyboard at the same time, but also promoted the popularization of energy-saving appliances, accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrade of home appliance industry green. In the flat panel TV, energy subsidies to bring us more benefits, the life also has a lot of television were classified as energy-saving appliances ranks, let us have a look these television to Mount Lu.

Flat panel TV energy subsidies, preferential selection

This is for everyone to bring the best of several products, this product is very representative. They are the Sony KDL-55HX850, Samsung's UA55ES6000J, LED46K320DX3D and L48F3390A-3D Hisense TCL, domestic and foreign brands together, give the user more than a choice. Energy saving era is coming, you have the demand of the users never miss the opportunity, let us have a look these TV specific function.

First bring to you is the Sony KDL-55HX850 TV, the TV is the beginning of the year Sony released the latest BRAVIA flagship works, it is not only in technology is very outstanding, in energy conservation and environmental protection is doing is great. It's energy index for 2.1, belongs to an energy-efficient products, in common usage, the user can be assured consumption problem, let you enjoy the lowest power consumption.dab4d60ck At present it is energy subsidies, the price is 400 yuan, in easy fast online it's recent preferential price is 14599 yuan, it is quite a bargain.

Sony KDL-55HX850 TV

The product continues the Sony BRAVIA TV like nature itself -- highest quality design and in detail on the further upgrading. Television integral using the unique " frameless " design, like the black diamond like elegant luster a outline simple lines, the image can be maximized in front of a consumer. Open season completely focused on the screen showing fine picture can not be closed when the surrounding environment interference, and indoor environment com., allow television viewing environment more creative, fashion and quality.

The overall appearance is angular, black television surface, suffused with noble black diamond glints. Whole panel using Corning Gorilla Glass tempered glass, although the glass thickness is only 0.7mm has very high strength, reduce thickness, to achieve the overall television body more light at the same time,tin box manufacturer the effective protection of the TV screen, reduces the daily wear.

In technical terms, the 55HX850 TV with Xun Rui image processing engine PRO and dynamic display of thin LED back light source, deductive slim shape and reducing the rich and vivid image effect. Four speed drive 800 technology join, make the motion picture smooth, vivid. The new 3D imaging precision, make the picture more clear, a natural 3D sensory experience.

Editor comments: Sony in 2012 as the latest masterpiece, the mass to have very high expectations, as energy subsidies, the first product, a series of technical application but also bring us great quality experience. In addition the TV " like nature itself -- highest quality " design, when watching the films can give people more true in sense. The price of 14599 yuan, you can not miss.

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July 19, 2012

Internet dating

Internet dating is the key to leave to others a good first impression. If for what he saw as content is not cold, he will be a glance, pass off your profile. A recent study has confirmed the males especially" visual animal", most of the time, they focus on photographs rather than personal profile,web camera manufacturerdab4d59ck which makes women in Internet dating wisely choose to display your pictures and information become more and more important.

The following are five chooses network dating photo experience rule:

1 using my real photo.

We have gone through with a look at all like your picture on the date. Online dating purpose is the actual intercourse, so don't lie to her own appearance, because eventually people will discover the truth. Even if they like your personality, it will still have offended feeling, which is a network of friends of the" killer".

Choose a piece of life

2 the first photo to use face photo.

If the main photo non fuzzy that is far from clear,webcam manufacturer others will think you to cover up what. Most of the sites we picture only shows a thumbnail, so make sure the thumbnail look as appealing as possible.

3 photo work.

Believe it or not, the world's largest dating site match.com can be any of you in your resume upload26 pictures. It is like the Facebook album. Of course, be above suspicion doubt is that you go to Europe to travel photos must be wonderful, but remember: those photos has its own upload, but not the Internet dating site. People probably will review all of your pictures, but as soon as a let them look like will leave you"". You know, we are all so.

4avoid the group photo.

Remember: This is your network dating resumes, not your friends or boyfriend, just about your own information. Therefore, you should just want others to see you. Others have long will you and site others comparison, so don't let people in their own data and comparing again. I have a customer who said to me, pcwebcameras.com there's a guy send mail to her to ask her to be her friend's information, which she collapsed. People often ask about pets, as long as it is your own pet, in any case should also take a picture hanging on the web site, but only for a good.

5hanging interesting photograph.

The first email, it's hard to find words, this is why we need to provide some mail" bait", to attract attention and arouse some problems. For example: if you have a photo is a hand-held microphone, others will naturally ask: are you a singer?

Abide by this five rule of thumb, you will be the first time to capture the eye.

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July 12, 2012

economic downturn

At present, in the economic downturn, traditional industry profit space is getting smaller and smaller, part of Yueqing enterprises is transforming into the laser and optoelectronic industry. In the foreground are optimistic about the situation, many enterprises itch for a try.

Zhejiang diamond Electronics Co., the company mainly produces electronic components, around 2006, began to get involved in new energy industry, the production of scenery complementary streetlights, permanent magnet motor and a motor of a hybrid power vehicle and other products.But these a few years of electronic components industry profits decline year by year, and this year 's downturn, sales fell5%. And he made several new energy projects, due to market promotion, industry overcapacity and the European debt crisis and so on, has the capacity not market embarrassing. " The strength of the company, but the strong place not to cause, there is an urgent need for new high-tech project, led the company to a new ' blue '." Begin from last year, the company in preparation for transition; the laser optoelectronics industry development is full of confidence, then as long as the good project ",dab4d58ck the large investment, the industry transition.

Located in the city of Yueqing science and technology incubator in Zhejiang Sen keep Biological Products Co., the original company is a production of pesticides and the ordinary plug-in device for killing insects and other agricultural and forestry machinery of small enterprises, and laser photoelectric industry have no relevance. 3 years ago, the company chairman Feng Wenyi feel do these common insecticide product homogenization competition is intense, benefit is relatively low, he thought to high-tech products in transition. When von Wenyi to Europe and the United States to promote physical insecticide, LED light source applied to the lamp, will invest about 2000000 yuan, independent research and development of LED solar insecticidal lamp. "

LED solar insecticidal lamp low-carbon, environmental protection, safety, energy absorption during the day night discharge, can be controlled, the control and timing of intelligent operation, as long as the preset program, put in farmland and forest, does not need the artificial cost cost." Feng Wenyi beam with joy to introduce his product, mentions a maximum sentence is laser photoelectric industry have a brilliant future. In the circumstance of economic recession, to the laser photoelectricity industry 's successful transition to Feng Wenyi company brought development opportunity, the original production of ordinary lamp annual production of only hundred thousands of yuan, now the production of LED solar insecticidal lamp after the order is much, the annual output value reached20000000 yuan, benefit improves more than 30%.

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July 05, 2012

lighting design

The 2012national indoor LED lighting design competition in full swing

In order to spread the green LED lighting design concept, LED, promotion of energy-saving lighting products, to enhance the LED lighting manufacturers, designers, contractors,online ups distributors between the exchanges and cooperation, promote LED lamps in various indoor application. By the high LED, high LED mall will be joint across the interior design association, architectural design institutes and Industry Association jointly held LED2012LED to illuminate the China Tour - National Indoor LED lighting design itinerate seminar & National Indoor LED lighting design competition, in4 ‐in June in Beijing, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Xi'an, Chengdu, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Changsha10 focus city successfully held.

The tournament will last for 5months, in August4 ‐for competition, submission and review stage. Where in the January 1, 2011 -2012 year in July 30th completed the LED lamps indoor lighting design applications and case may participate, register before 30 July and submit the script.

Contest set up individual highest award20000 yuan in cash and certificate of honor and numerous awards, and in 2012of LED erection contest entries display area,where the selected design works to be in this world of the highest standard of LED industry chain event are fully displayed.

Design Competition Awards will be held on2012and LED during the show ( August 17th) in Guangzhou poly World Trade Center meeting. The same period will hold 2012 China LED lighting designer assembly. Congress will invite many guests heavyweight lighting design profession as a speaker,will give the lighting design industry brought a new round of upsurge of thought.

The 2012National Congress of the LED lighting designer

Lighting design lighting design industry elite gathered to share wisdom

Assembly time: August 17, 2012 afternoon 14:00- 17:30

Conference location: Guangzhou Pazhou poly World Trade Exhibition Hall on the third floor conference room D

Conference topics:

• LED technology and lighting design,dab4d56ck to create an atmosphere of relationship

•domestic and foreign hotel interior design style and concept

•green home furnishing design and Application

•green lighting design and analysis

• lighting design and interior design to explore the relationship between

•different space, different culture on different requirements of lighting design

•indoor lighting design and performance of light rendering

•the creation and implementation of city light show

Participants: lighting designer, interior designer, architect, enterprise representatives.

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