August 30, 2012

Electrodeless fluorescent lamp

Looking for a life long high efficiency light source is the long-term pursuit, in the energy crisis first today, it has become more urgent, electrodeless fluorescent lamp is consistent with the development trend of the source. With the world of electrodeless fluorescent lamp in-depth study and raising the level of technology, there are more typical products, but also its application fields has been constantly pioneering [1]. The electrodeless lamp in the country vigorously promote energy-saving emission reduction situation got rapid development, technology is relatively mature, according to incomplete statistics, at present our country electrodeless fluorescent lamp manufacturer has more than 200, the annual output more than 2000000, the application range of the product is more and more far sold around the world. In this paper, we carry out research and development work in this area of the electrodeless lamp preliminary understanding to discuss and exchange with you.

Electrodeless fluorescent lamp development can be traced back to nineteenth Century, W. Hittorf and J.J. Thomoson respectively in 1884 and 1891 on radio frequency induction discharge principle, pointed out that the electrodeless discharge plasma by induction coil electromagnetic field maintenance, and began using a transformer model to explain the energy coupling [2]. In 1891 the physicist N. Tesla of the Columbia University at New York demonstrated the first by the RF field excitation of the electrodeless discharge [3]. He was employing low frequency capacitive discharge, can be in only a very short intervals produce weak discharge, but out of the electrodeless discharge important first by the RF field excitation of the electrodeless discharge [3]. He was employing low frequency capacitive discharge, can be in only a very short intervals produce weak discharge, but out of the electrodeless discharge is an important first step. The earliest electrodeless lamp patent in 1907 by P.C.Hewitt [4], as shown in Figure 1, the discharge structure with today's ICP discharge device similar to. Discharge structure includes a spherical bubble shell is filled with small amounts of mercury and in spherical bubble shell outside surrounded by a coil,dab5d56ck as there was no high-frequency electronic equipment, discharge of the driving frequency of 125 - 300Hz. Hewitt laid the RF electrodeless discharge structure of the foundation, for the later development of electrodeless lamp provided vital design ideas.

Subsequently many scientific workers to electrodeless discharge light sources for research and exploration, of which there are two important patents, was 1936 respectively J. Bethenod[5] and A. Claude[6] proposed patent and 1970 J.M. Anderson's patent. J. Bethenod and A. Claude proposed patent as shown in Figure 2, the bulb shell structure adopts a cavity structure, the cavity into the coil and the magnetic core. This structure in the present electrodeless fluorescent lamp has also been widely used, the utility model has the advantages of compact structure is discharge, the induction coil can block the light, radio frequency radiation can be plasma shield as well as structure convenient processing. In 1970 Anderson proposed external induction coil structure,as shown in Figure 3, the discharge structure adopts an annular sealed blister, blister induction coil is placed in the outside. At present this kind of structure discharge start easily and can well solve the problem of heat dissipation, the requirement of materials can be reduced, can achieve high power discharge, and the discharge performance is more stable, higher light efficiency.

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August 23, 2012

restricted stock

About Nanjing Jiangning economic and Technological Development Zone to give employees between August 1, 2010 and December 31, 2011 during individual income tax rebates.

The company is currently working with the Jiangning development zone government about the consultation, if not in employee turnover has resolved, the company will advance the tax rebates to staff salary account.
on the restricted stock ( RSU )

Due to reasons of staff in 2013 May 22 days before a voluntary turnover of the staff in 2011,reishi and in 2012 was awarded the restricted stock ( RSU ) did not return right part when employees leave all accelerated to the right. Restricted stock ( RSU ) to the right by Morgan Stanley Smith immediately after Barney ( "MSSB " ) transactions and not subject to future time limit.

For Chinese employees, restricted stock through the MSSB after the transaction, transaction income to $ form through domestic special foreign exchange account issued to employees in the company's registered industrial and Commercial Bank salary card. Restricted stock to the right, in accordance with the tax law shall pay individual income tax.

of stock option ( Stock Option )

Due to reasons of staff in 2013 May 22 days before a voluntary turnover of the staff in 2011 and 2012, stock options granted ( Stock Option ) did not return right part when employees leave all accelerated to the right. Stock option ( Stock Option ) to the right then in stock options within the period of validity through the Morgan Stanley Smith Barney ( " MSSB " ) trading. If not in stock options within the period of validity of the exercise,dvd copying softwaredab5d55ck will lose the power of stock options, stock options will be cancelled.

For Chinese employees, stock options by MSSB after the transaction, transaction income to $ form through domestic special foreign exchange account issued to employees in the company's registered industrial and Commercial Bank salary card. Stock option, shall pay individual income tax in accordance with the tax law.

of China regional economic compensation standard consistency

The company promised to remain in China local severance payment policy consistency, ensure consistent standards for the calculation of compensation to leave ( local regulations and mandatory provisions).

In addition to the above economic compensation scheme, the company will as a part of employees in Motorola mobile technology oversea company and the Beijing company jobs.dvd to iphone At the same time, the company also will make the greatest efforts to employees affected by this again obtain employment help. From August 20th to 24, the company has contacted several well-known headhunting company, well-known enterprises at home and abroad in Motorola mobile technology R & D center in Nanjing Park held a recruitment at the scene. The company to seize the opportunity, actively participate in. In addition, the company also will arrange a professional occupation training consultant for every affected staff re-employment training and guidance, including how to better prepare resume, in order to minimize the cuts for all staff brought influence, as soon as possible to find a suitable job for himself.

The company will soon start and the adjustment effect of employee communication, try our best to help you do the occupation career transition smoothly; at the same time, the company also hope that we can reason, objective knowledge and understanding of the business restructuring. Here, I on behalf of Motorola mobile technology company to Nanjing R & D center staff for the company's contribution to express my sincere thanks!

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August 16, 2012

media means

Mainland media means, NVC ( 02222) chairman Yan Yan involved allegedly hiding and NVC in related transaction, disturbance, and told NVC founder and owner Wu Changjiang for 3% individual stock options, Yan Yan denies all the charges, said " all transactions are legitimate ".

This involved in related transaction is NVC production lanterns, crystal lamps holy love division lighting and production of electrical products Chongqing En-lin appliances,PC Web Cameradab5d63ck two company in 2010 by the board of Trustees approved the use of the registered trademark and distribution network, and as rich game representing the NVC directors Yan Yan and Lin Heping, the board of directors vote when no obstacle seats, it has concealed the transactions too.

On the other hand, the labor unrest earlier outbreak of NVC Huizhou plant on last Friday ( 27 ) complete restart, the spokesman said the factory stone Yongjun, return to work after orders some dealers in new orders, some outstanding orders.

NVC tall willow (a pseudonym ) to the south are exclusive insolation material known, Saif chief partner, the NVC NVC and chairman Yan Yan and related enterprises have many " private transaction ".

" Yan Yan 2006 with rich game $22000000 before blood transfusion NVC, threaten Wuzong ( NVC founder Wu Changjiang ) to his 3% option, say no to not invest.dab5d63ck Willow says, since Yan Yan in the NVC board " who did not give him the private benefits of the project, they all voted against the bill ".

Yan Yan retorted, they never do private transactions, Saif investment any enterprise, are required to give the option, this is company action, " if I was such a person, not the waist straight, still tens of billions of funds? "

Yan Yan says, current employees; dealers ' initiatives, are in the Wu Changjiang " s return ".

NVC: do not give personal benefits of the project, Yan Yan all opposition

In 2006, because of the need to pay the other two of 160000000 major shareholders of " Severance ", Wu Changjiang around to raise the money.

Yan Yan represented by Saif investment, for the Wu Changjiang is timely assistance. " But Yan Yan said, to his 3% option, or don't invest. " Willow says, Wu Changjiang helpless, can only accept the " threat ". Finally, Yan Yan to 0.5 dollar price, the company received 3% options, " ' A shares is 2 much HK dollar, Yan Yanguang this one earned several million ".

Yang said, ' accounts of long term about 2000000000 of the cash flow, " they said you so much money, why not do some investment. The actual situation is, Mr. Wu ( NVC founder Wu Changjiang ) recommendations, as long as they do not give Yan Yan the personal benefits, Yan objected. "

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August 02, 2012

solar power

According to American media reported in August 1st, the Pacific island of Stockerau is building a national solar power project, is expected to completed in September this year, the island 's 1711 residents over 90% power will be powered by solar panels, the country will become the world's first solar power in china.

Tokelau islands consists of three atolls of islands in New Zealand, northeast, it is New Zealand's autonomous territorial administration, personnel and trade exchanges rely on basic panel supplier And the rest of the world countries, Tokelau 's electricity is very small. The country relies on diesel power, consumes nearly 20000000 barrels of crude oil, only the transport cost is $about 1000000, this country, this is undoubtedly a huge spending. Stockerau is in the construction of three large solar panel arrays can provide total island for 1 MW of electricity. Stockerau is the only 3 cars, solar power projects completed, the need for oil burning machine leaves the car, the other will be switched into the solar power supply.

On Thursday said, Tokugata Masa considered for HUAFA has solar panels anti-dumping litigation, thought that the Chinese government on the solar battery board production enterprises to provide financing support in the industry, has launched a price war, the German solar panel manufacturer,solar module manufacturerdab4d61ck difficult situation. Reports in Germany, a second television stations ( ZDF ) in an interview that the global market, fair competition, anti-dumping proceedings is to maintain the fair competition in a way. The Federal Environment Ministry spokesman on Friday said at a press conference, will support the German enterprises to anti dumping lawsuit.

The report points out, once prosperous German solar panel production enterprise is in support of the government to slash and foreign competition pressure rising hard times, by the United States ' implementation of solar battery board anti-dumping measures inspired by Solarword company, hair-treatmeant headed by the German solar cell manufacturers are trying to make this happen. The company's CEO says, price competition to Chinese counterparts as losses, but they can enjoy the financial support from the government. According to the European Commission rules, the procedure must be composed of at least 25% of the solar battery component manufacturers signed consent before officially launched.

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