February 20, 2013


I stood a statue of Buddha, looking at his smiling face, stroking his magnificent bodies : the carved lines together another, well-proportioned lines, some long, some short lines, like many of the rope winding body. In the long or short lines, I touch the years across the track, read the knife across the body pain, again and again, cut open a piece of wood appearance, to find the heart of a tree is the most strong. Down a tree, I saw an unusual seed gift and premium.

One thousand years ago, I do not know what day when, do not know is the wind, or pass by birds, a seed is lost in the barren mountain cliffs. He is the origin of life can not be verified. Seed brave the wind and dew, endured the cold of winter, suck a snow, ushered in the first ray of life in spring. He is taking root, the root of his muscled through the rubble, drilling mud; he also spit out of green life, facing the sun. A seed grows into a nondescript tree, he even less weed is strong, but he not gas tired, he took time to settle in the trunk, a ring; he draw dust, sun, rain and wind with leaves, autumn autumn leaves one another, into the lives of nutrition. He came from a small inconspicuous, grow into a towering tree, standing between heaven and earth. Every leaf on the tree is like sunshine, solidification, each ring are life honed torso solar cell is the new clean energy.

His special finally attracted the attention of the sculptor's attention. So, in experienced groundless talk carving, he began a new round of polish. He was a ' shout ' to cut down, cutting off all the tendril, strong body is the sculptor away. He was a peel layers, a little bit of polish, eventually became the buddha executive gift.

I stood before the Buddha, register profound respect, my devotion worship him. Calm heart suddenly no longer calm: a humble seed to become a noble Buddha, in addition to the growth of efforts, can leave the wind rain and snow crushed it, can stay open cut and polish the pain? No wind rain and snow destruction, he material can be so hard? Does not experience the carved pain, he could become a respected Buddha? In fact, the original seed to germinate, decision, will determine his noble. Is the growth trajectory of unusual decided he could become a distinguished buddha. As Tolstoy said, -- it is a correct way to learn everything, before you do, and then go forward; as, Byron said -- no matter how the sky overhead, I am prepared to withstand any storm. No beyond the ordinary effort, then the rich soil is not the towering big tree; tree can not endure the pain of cut and polish, will never become buddha gift and premium fair.

Then I thought: If time could turn the clock back, give him a chance to start all over again, he will choose to become a Buddha?

I open my arms to embrace, in front of the Buddha, as embraced him grow and carve the life the pain. The Buddha is too high too, I can't really embrace, as I can't embrace all carved. I can embrace today, the write tomorrow, but I can't embrace yesterday. Yesterday is gone, who are unable to rewrite; tomorrow has not yet come, full of unknown. I can do, only as a warning for the future, strive for the best, and the ideal goal closer Solar Wafer is the scientists.

Confucius said: A, good-for-nothing; people do not learn, do not know the meaning of. Natural jade is unchanged, with Changde, although not Zhuo think, but still not to harm for the jade also. Human nature, because things move, do not learn, come gentlemen and villains, can not read it?

This forced people to ponder!

Every life can become a Buddha, but every one of the toughness of life are not the same, the price is not the same as the polish. Strong point, carved opportunity bigger; carve pain a little more, the probability of a buddha executive gift.

If you too care about you surface halo, do not let it by a little injury, then you will lose all your aura, will never become a Buddha, not to mention the Buddha shines.

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February 07, 2013

The strong reason

One day, I feel with their own growth, experience, is becoming more and more cruel. Even cold, indifferent! I don't know these sophisticated people is how to practice it, however, 鮮花產業 is not good achievement. Sometimes, in order to protect their self-esteem only, occasionally I will become like a tiger. A volcano, sharp language, a reason, and the eyes of hatred! When I was young, I was a dumb kid. Often some tart classmate scold injured all over the body, I often powerless. Because, I say but they, I couldn't find that handle very skillfully. I'm very late secretly cried, I not smart, not off the reel to others. Later, I secretly run to the newsstand book " speech and eloquence ", then, blog108 each time looked again, read it again and again, the aftertaste, aftertaste. You 're right. I want to change this being arbitrary lobbying their. I'm looking for a method, method of training their own eloquence! We must change! I'm not here to promote the magazine, but, this period of practical experience and this book made a lot of escape one's lips now what I say. And, I was standing in a once bullied place, now come to you. Until now, I occasionally after a kiosk place, I will search the shadow of this book, met a good, I 'll buy! Although, I more and more had very different, and, at least not easily let people heard. The book, to me, is not only a method, and thought! A plain and simple, careful aftertaste, often contain profound skills, 花宴 石獅 understand people, such as strength, do not understand people, such as burden! Perhaps, is the environment, is seen, is the situation. Perhaps also blow. To change me. Sometimes, people in the front, is really no way, so will be forced to a lot of things. Including the cruel. I can accept the advice, but do not accept pointing. Do not accept not pointing!!! Every time and others after the confrontation, I will finish all through the day before going to sleep, night quiet can give me thinking and reflection. I was wrong, I will write down. Is that every time someone to bring the rest of the face of my method, the enemy to me looking for ways to strike back, friends to me. Methods are accumulated, including life, including emergency. These are the one point one points such as swamps, going step by step the perception of depth. A period of time is always thinking of others feeling, thinking of others are not intentional, thinking of others is also very hard, hoping to help others to do their best to reduce the burden on others. I think his method, or with the accommodation can bring people relaxed, and people will appreciate, tolerance and understanding! After about a number of things, I know, this is the idea of deficiencies of some principles easy to break the current. Then, at the end, thunderstruck, khus謬論 eat the bitter. And, thinking about your so-called kindness, will be trampled un

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February 02, 2013

The world solo

Do not know if the world 's direction, we set out in a hurry. Haven't write, is no longer as wind. The dream is always involuntarily, wake up human effort is the decisive factor. Typhoon, flood dream, garbesalike woke up, spread the news. Enthusiasm is temporary, cold is long. There once changed, always accompanied by a bad state.

The sun did not come out, the fog pervades the earth, gdodglike visible and invisible. Dress up, beat his opponent, is confiscated. Spontaneous behavior, conscious thought, profitable life. The Morgan era, modern life. Finally meet the person, embrace peace. When hate people on the side, I can't get up and leave, it is painful. After this time, is not optimistic, there is no feeling. I'm surrounded by walls, doors and there remained closed, I took the key for windows. Time and at the same time we start, when time is gone, you can leave is precious.

Solo in the world, is the most beautiful nature, I am my own audience, indulge in self-admiration, is the best experience. Smile to each direction, not that we don't see the pain, but will bring joy to many people. Not because life encounter some problems, they feel very distressed.

Don't you know that some parts of the world, there are many children, julikefelike struggling to see the sun of tomorrow. When I was small, a road flower, I promise to the future, when I grow up, I want to ... ... Now I have grown up? Tree to see the flowers, but I see fruit. People see the leaves fall, and eventually became a depression. Reputation gradually, people have more. Want to wind blown, everywhere can escape. You can't see the past, the original is to change. Life is really weak, like a child learning to walk, not timing fall. Fight to the infinite, and inadvertently. They are, but not awake.

Clouds million, water deep money Jiangwan; the wind a little, the moon light in Jinsha port. All night long thought, everyone talks all pro. Rain Bird static, Yela wind does not stop. That silence is golden man is could not say words, have a glib man will say eloquence is strength. It's very nice of you, to have no news. I hope to have a dream, when you wake up is thinking. How long is a day, I wake up in the night. This is a dubious world, can not be copied. When happy, ilikexlike enjoy licentious laugh! Not to cry, but no sound. Again, people know who you are. Trapped people, will eventually fall into the stereotypes.

Look at the woman with a telescope, will find the beautiful scenery. Look at the man with a magnifying glass, will find the direction of heart.

A person to leave things, must be associated with the past, with no chance now. Silence is the action art, and speech is interested. Why do some of the things I am ashamed to say it, because you have no pride. Life is not a story, but the story that people with life. Now we have something to be proud of it, may be injured when I learned to smile. Once thought that we have seen, and later found deja vu. A piece of paper into a bird, wings, can not afford to fly. Put it down from the tower, into a broken line kite. Free life, beyond the love, will be happy. Freedom is not arbitrary, but to control yourself, do something. Then how to build high-rise buildings, cilikelofea is unable to transcend, peak power.

A tree's age is lonely, because the leaves off the light, it is still alive. The rain stopped, the sun? No sun, no warmth, but you know, the sun always exist, because it was light. Speculative business, buy low and sell high, arbitrage. You see as you think, what you think as you do, you do as you want, it is the perfect. Can not see the interior of the earth, as not to see a person's heart. Gems with vanity at the same time, also radiation people empty heart. If not the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Hangzhou will be a desert, no heaven's reputation. When we look back, only to find myself getting young! People even close, still two heart's distance. All we do, but is meant to make us happy, but still brought we don't want to trouble. Play is a cost to pay, such as money, you see a word play that element inside.

You never know, what is the most beautiful music in the world? The so-called music, is nothing but laughter echoes. If time can come again, then life will eventually forgive them. The water here is the party at the end of the party, clouds. When you are young, the world's most remote. The best alarm clock is yourself, hfe you know what you want, not obsession. Down the voice, the world thus becomes quiet tangible. When you need help, your call may bring friends.

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