January 23, 2013

The baby wear leotard will cause bandy legs?

Netizens worry, your baby has the one-piece, will cause the legs bandy legs?

The pediatric specialist Cui Yutao in micro-blog said, give the baby to wear clothing should not be caused in the future " bandy legs " lower limb abnormalities. Unless the total to the children through the leotard short. It is premature to let the baby economy cheap baby clothes bouncing on the adult legs; early " training " children standing, walking, may lead to future " bandy legs " may. In the child's development is the development process of natural, premature, too much human intervention may cause unnecessary damage.

Bao Baogu structure mainly consists of cartilage, bone elasticity, plasticity, long-term in a posture prone to deformity.

Children learn to walk easily wholesale baby shoes online premature standing leg deformity

The parents have a misunderstanding, it is felt that the oneself baby learn to stand and walk the sooner the better. Now there are many mother willing to put the baby into the walker on the inside, so that both strength and can prevent the child fell, but in fact, long-term dependence on Walker of the baby's growth may adversely. Because the baby's skeleton is not fully developed to full weight to support the body, premature baby use Walker stand or walk, the baby's heel basically does not force, excessive use can let the baby used to form the front foot to walk, O - shaped legs, X type leg. Therefore, Walker used should be appropriate, especially not premature, Baby wear online easy for mothers shopping excessive use of.

Experts remind parents, some children just 5, 6 months like standing, but cannot stand him. The baby is in the vigorous growth stage, bone structure mainly consists of cartilage, bone elasticity, plasticity is strong, muscular power is relatively weak, skeletal easy bending deformation, long in a position, will appear deformity.

Once the baby is X shape, O shape leg leg, parents also need not too nervous, should go to the hospital looking for doctor to help. General deformity within 6 cm of the observation, follow-up. More than 6 centimeters of the need to the Department of orthopedics of hospital treatment, treatment under the guidance of a doctor.

How to judge whether the child bandy legs

To determine whether children is bow-legged: let the baby supine, with both hands and then gently straighten the baby legs, close to the center. Under normal circumstances, the baby 's legs together, between bilateral knee and ankle is closed, if there is a gap, should pay attention to, take the children to the hospital inspection, so as to find the baby lower limb growth problems.

If the above method, the gap between bilateral knee and ankle more than 10 cm, is probably bandy legs, parents should immediately take their children for treatment, CPC China lawyers in the treatment of primary disease at the same time, Department of orthopedics orthodontic treatment.

The cause of children with Luo Quantui

Many reasons lead to the baby bow-legged, such as cartilage nutrition disorder, but to vitamin D deficiency rickets is much, early to sweating, easily frightened as the main symptom, if not corrected in time, can affect bone development. Rickets in children grow up to 1 years old, standing learning to walk, the leg is difficult to load the weight of the body, it will lead to lower towards the lateral bending and the formation of bandy legs.

Occurrence of parents to raise the scientific method for preventing children Luo Quantui. Reasonable feeding, more to outdoor activities. As the children in the physical development stage, leg strength often cannot excessive weight, easy to cause the deformation of legs, so do not prematurely, long standing and walking, use less walker. Don't wear better leather shoes, because of infant leg strength is weak, hard to learn to wear walking shoes, will affect the normal limb development.

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January 18, 2013

Thank you for remembering me

Is a quiet night. Due to some hot summer weather, I chose to go out for a walk.

In the familiar street. I suddenly feel a little strange, yes, because I seldom walk across the street. Street lamp is faint, I began to flow relatively few places to walk, not that I don't like busy place, tea tin box but now my side no one, do not know who can accompany me, say some not essential things. Friends are scattered around.

Not far away, a blue dress girl coming. I put the view upon her, seemed to have seen her there. She looked at me, mouth light show a smile. I just want to say something, but stopped, because I don't know who she is?

Along the way, by twos and threes lovers from my side pass, I seemed to suddenly reminded of what? Yes, it is a kind of love. The blue dress she, dvd box wholesale like I used to love that girl. May graduated a long time, a lot of people, a lot of things are slowly forgotten. I remember Zhang Xiaoxian said: " I loved, so I lived. "

A good friend, said before on the phone, I changed a lot after graduation. I asked her " where I change? " She said: " I get on a lot of things not to care." but she didn't know, I just told her the changed, because something happened, she felt very common thing, but she did not know that the very common things but hurt me, she did not know how I feel. Perhaps the only blame myself without it, tin box for food many things can only suffer in silence the grievance, but never mind, time is long, the wound heals, but the scar remains.

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January 09, 2013

Redbox push streaming video service

Last month, the United States DVD rental business Redbox combined with Verizon launch streaming video service in Redbox Instant, thus formally with Netflix and Amazon's PrimeInstant Video ( a real-time video applications ) to compete. Currently the service is in beta.

According to the types of services, Redbox Instant currently has three kinds of pricing packages, free youtube downloader respectively, for $6 a month, $8 and $9, much cheaper than Netflix.

Compared with Netflix and Amazon, Redbox Instant is currently able to provide video content is relatively limited, but it is in a high-speed development, the future will provide more services. Redbox dba1a02ek and pay television channel Epix in partnership with Redbox Instant, so users can find many such as Netflix and the same content.

Redbox Instant currently supports a variety of mobile devices, including iPad, iPhone and Android equipment, wireless keyboard the company claimed that the future will increase the Samsung Blu-ray player and television, LG smart TV and GoogleTV support.

Although the current rapid development of RedboxInstant and Netflix, but want to full competition is not an easy thing to do, the Amazon and Blockbuster have been related to, but not to fail. Given that Netflix has a broad user base, if Redbox Instant can monarch additionally path, movie player video streaming user developed into DVD users and in the light of their DVD advantages, maybe it will be able to find their own development direction.

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January 03, 2013

We will never meet again

The end does not come.

I was so driven to distraction for four years.

Can't sleep always love to write something to pass the time, was once a pen is now a finger, from home I can find dba1a01ek a huge clean notebook filled with my writing, it's no complaining, I wasted so much paper if can again I will not go to write. My mood and people do not want to go to say, automatic speaking into a habit, I think the CD player with a thick layer of ash. That I love with pen would ink dried up.

Things I always reluctant to throw, bad game machine, don't love a postcard, and so on, I have stood, I am a nostalgic, but is at best a nostalgic. Still miss Suzhou River, last summer to play, you go, but our story does not end.

I'm humbled, language used to protect themselves, which I never loved, so the heart is a good thing to do is bad, people are cold emotion is not warming. So I don't like lively, this is paranoid The Best Beauty Center, is a disease.

Ugly fine, tender. Ugly OK, good. This is not what is good, I did a rogue obsessed with you, do you remember, I live happily.

I don't know what I'm saying what. My heart is very soft, with no spines, but you have to put up with a knife, also sprinkle salt, I am not strong, linger just live to see your happiness. I am very stupid, what can I do.

It snowed that day, I hope you see, the snow is really good soft, like my heart.

It is a pity that we can't live together, live your childhood, youth, the future. Can not sit on your seat, please your gentle scolding, not entire pages filled with your story, I do not, I wanted to walk side by side with you out of reach, can't ride a bike with you to and fro awfully enjoy the sunlight, can't tell you me really very good, can't he appeared in the world before the imprint is engraved china business study on my heart. So you enjoy your gentleness, I couldn't get on your shore, it was a pity. If you can hold up an umbrella walking beside you ....

I always again and again to see the " dream whispering ". If I am not, for me is just fish into the sea, return to dust. " Peterpan " was one of my favorite word is, the place we have been to, still can hear the sound of the surf, but we are no longer ashore.

Yes, we have been to that place, you before me, and I in you, I see you next to never.

I was so mad at you, you may forget me so completely. You don't know, Chinese management program you laugh when I my world down against.

You and I both know this, let us never meet again.

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