September 13, 2012

Diode characteristics and Applications

Led a wide range of products, of various shapes, specifications are all kinds of. According to the switching diode. In accordance with the tube core structure, and can be divided into point contact diode, rafed surface contact diode and planar diode, reishi dab6d23ck the tube core structure is shown in figure 1.

Point contact diode is made with a thin metal silk on smooth semiconductor circuit, such as a radio receiver.

Surface contact type diode " PN " area is large, to allow passage of larger current ( several to dozens of security ), mainly jujfe used for the alternating current is converted into direct current " rectification " circuit.

Planar diode is a kind of special silicon diode, it can not only through the larger current, and stable and reliable performance, much used in switch, pulse and high frequency circuit.

Diode conductive characteristics of what is

One of the most important characteristics of diode is unilateral conductivity. If the current flow analogy, then cilike in the circuit in which the diode is mounted on the water pipe to let water one-way flow valve, non-return valve, as shown in figure 2. When the water from the pipe end to A B end, the valve opens, the flow of water is smooth; when the water from the pipe end to B A end, the valve is closed, water circulation. Diode circuit symbols as shown in figure 3. Map with arrows on one side of the diode cathode (anode), DVD to PSP a short side is its negative electrode ( cathode ). In the circuit, the current can only flow from the positive electrode of the diode, the cathode outflow. Following through simple experiments illustrate diode characteristics and reverse characteristic.

Forward characteristic

A small 2.5V bulb ( flashlight with small bulbs ), a surface contact type diode and two dry electronic circuit, as long as the positive electrode of the diode is connected to the higher potential side, olfelife connected at low voltage, diode will conduct, Wireless keyboard the connection mode, called the forward bias. Must, when added to the two ends of the diode forward voltage is very small still, diode can not lead, flows through the diode forward current is very weak. Only when the forward voltage reaches a certain value ( the value is called " threshold ", germanium tube is about 0.2V, silicone tube is about 0.6V ), lofea led to the conduction. Conducting the voltage across the diode basically remained unchanged ( germanium tube silicon tube is about 0.3V, about 0.7V ), known as the " diode forward voltage drop ".

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