June 07, 2012

green lighting

In late February,"925" green lighting Festival reform demonstration engineering conference held in Guangzhou. On the meeting, Chinese annulus endowment Committee of Chinese annulus endowment appoint disclosed,Plastic wood will be in the "12th Five-Year Plan" arrangement of 8000000000central budget funds for the procurement of4000000.dab4c52ck LED efficient road lighting products, at the same time will help of not less than 3000000000 Yuan capital of local form a complete set. He Xuemin expresses, Chinese annulus endowment committee will be in the piloareas stages determine10 capital city,50 cities,100 counties (including provincial developing zone ) the implementation of green lighting energy-saving demonstration project.

From the recent disclosure of the central 8000000000of procurement funds, as can be seen, before the LED lamps procurement is mainly composed of various local government to promote, and now state of support has risen to the central level, reflect the state of strategic emerging industry support is gradually increased, the demand of energy saving and emission reduction is becoming increasingly urgent. However, it has not been altered states "Viribright LED outdoor, business, and civil" promotion orientation. Many LED manufacturers look forward to about LED biggest potential market -- civil lighting subsidies are still unclear.

If we analyze the "roadmap" of the five phase, we found the announcement after transition period two phases were eliminated more than 100W,60W above the incandescent lamp, but the real power in the incandescent lamp above the very little, so the period is not much opportunity to replace LED. partition furnitureIn October 1, 2015entered the" interim evaluation period" may be prohibited the sale of60W following the incandescent lamp, so that the LED opportunities or to come. After this play, slightly arranges thinks civilian lighting business to endure, waiting time.

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