September 24, 2012

How to make the miniature projector fire up

With the development of technology, and product updates, mini projector market is about to embark on a broad road.

" When the mobile device and user demand when combined together, would have opportunities to produce. " A projection industry veteran who once said. It is because the user on the projector portability demand rise, region free dvd mini projector will emerge as the times require. With the development of technology, micro cast brightness to continuously upgrade, volume is in drop ceaselessly, the portability is closer to user needs. However, in recent years, micro cast market capacity and did not get much promotion.

Micro cast considerable development prospects

Micro cast products have entered the China market a few years, but sales have been a modest state. BenQ ( China ) projection department director Huang Zhenyu think, this is mainly restricted by two factors. First, the product cost is too high, the price has been falling down, the market around 500 lumens micro cast products, prices are close to 5000 yuan, which makes ordinary consumers some difficult. Second, Zone Free DVD dab6d28ck product brightness has no breakthrough, the 500 lumen to 600 lumens are mainstream market to the highest luminance. While the brightness and promotion, product volume will increase. If we can overcome these limitations, micro investment market will be a significant growth.

TI is expected, in 2012 a cast product in global shipments will reach 4000000, the next few years will soon exceed 20000000. At the same time, as the past two years, LED light source technology widespread application, to mini projector market arisen laid good foundation, as the DLP chip provider -- TI also introduced more micro cast chip, red wine can help manufacturers will be the volume of products to be made smaller, the user is more convenient to carry, which to some extent, has also promoted micro investment and market development.

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