June 28, 2012

LED backlight

Over a period of time as a result of LED backlight LCD TV sales decreased and LED lighting of slow growth,2011 LED appeared the situation of supply exceeding demand, supply and demand gap of30% falls. In 2012, as the backlight and the lighting market demand pick up,dab4d55ck the excessive supply problems will be effectively alleviate. According to the NPD LED DisplaySearch quarter of market supply and demand forecast report Quarterly LED Supply/Demand Market Forecast Report points out, the first quarter and demand excess ratio is 19%,LED Design the second quarter will be further decreased to 16%.

In 2010, Samsung LED, LGIT and electronic (Lextar ) and other major LED manufacturers to rapidly expand the MOCVD capacity, but found to overestimate the market demand. To deal with the problem of excess supply, they began in the late 2011to adjust the capacity utilization rate, average capacity utilization rate dropped to 50%.

NPD DisplaySearch is expected in 2012will have two major factors promoting LED demand rapid growth. First, the low cost of straight down type backlight will drive LED LED upgrade on demand. CCFL backlight TV and direct LED backlight TV in the price of only minor differences, on a32 inch television,organic baby clothes wholesale spread only in about 5%.

In addition, high efficiency and energy saving characteristics will also promote LED lighting has sustained growth, such as LED lighting products a lumen is close to the traditional lighting products day lumen. In 2011March Japan after a major earthquake, due to power shortage and coupled with government encouragement policy, LED lighting products to increase sales. NPD DisplaySearch predicts2012 lighting products sales in Japan will increase continuously, while other regions such as China, the United States and South Korea also strongly in the development of LED lighting.

At present, LED backlight applied to all medium and small size LCD TV, in Mobile PC ( including notebook computer, netbooks and tablet computer ) permeability also nearly 100%,LED Light Bulb liquid crystal display device and liquid crystal television permeability also continued to grow, but each module of LED package a number is on the decline. Low cost direct LED TV in 2012 is expected to achieve rapid growth.

NPD DisplaySearch quarter LED supply and demand and market forecast report Quarterly LED Supply/Demand Market Forecast Report analyzed each quarter LED industry supply and demand, price from the chip, LED manufacturers route blueprint in areas such as analysis of LED industry development prospects, and provide reliable prediction data. A report in PowerPoint and Excel database form.

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