June 14, 2012

LED product

Recently, the Ministry of science and technology released" semiconductor lighting technology development" Twelfth Five-Year Plan" special plan" ( Draft), put forward by 2015, more than 80% of the chip to realize localization, large MOCVD equipment, the key raw materials to realize localization, LED product cost is reduced to 1/5 in 2011.

"dab4d52ck If this goal can be achieved, LED lighting is expected to depreciate considerably, huge Chinese market will accelerate the opening of civil." Recently, in the world's largest lighting fair and the Guangzhou international lighting exhibition organizers Guangya Messe Frankfurt "held for LED industry spring " on the seminar, Chinese and foreign experts agree.

In the conference of a business person to reporters just a dead, instead of the traditional60 watt incandescent light bulb5 watt bulb LED average retail price of a price of $18.9( about 118.9 yuan), the average life expectancy is around 50000 hours, according to a big city ( such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou house price )0.61 yuan / W calculation, use LED lights for 50000 hours lighting is used to cost about 270yuan.Air Mouse And60 watt incandescent lamp sold for about $3, but the average life of only 1500 hours. In the same condition calculation, use of incandescent lamps cost about 1932 yuan.

" LED lamp advantage is obvious, but at present civilian market penetration rate is only about 5%. The main reason is the LED lamp chip core technology for foreign company monopolies, high prices." Shanghai Institute of lighting one expert said.

However, this situation will be changed. The world's largest lighting exhibition Guangzhou International Lighting Fair founder, light lighting research institute, Dr. Pan Wenbo said, with current LED chip for lamps cost nearly 60% estimates, if the chip implementation is homebred change, light chip prices can drive the lamp cost drops nearly 50%; plus package technology upgrade and high efficiency and low cost driving circuit for popularization, lamps the cost can be reduced to30%-40% now, to replace 40W incandescent lamp bulb LED price fell to20-30 yuan, street lamps fell slightly smaller, but can also fall to around 1000 yuan mainstream price,A19 LED Light Bulb contribute to the LED lighting in the civilian market to accelerate the penetration.

In fact, in energy saving and emission reduction targets under pressure of LED lighting, countries of civil promotion strength is all-time increase. In May 16th, the State Council executive meeting to study the energy saving and emission reduction through the resolution, proposed will arrange 2200000000 yuan to support the promotion of energy-saving lamps and LED lights, the promotion period is one year.

With the LED market demand increased further, China lighting the tremendous potential of the market by the foreign and Chinese LED enterprise value. With the global lighting industry leader called the2012Guangzhou international lighting exhibition display data, will be opening in June 9th show the scale new high, up to 220000square meters. Philips and other world500 strong enterprises as well as BDO 润达, ground the photoelectric and other well-known domestic listing Corporation have taken large booth, display LED lighting civil products have become more numerous, to rob the Chinese market to prepare ahead of time.

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