June 21, 2012

market expectations

There are institutions that the subsidy rules slightly lower than market expectations. Shun Securities believes that the subsidies, to adjust the product structure, so the subsidy product type is more concentrated, the amount of subsidies are reduced, subsidy policy on the stimulating effect of limited sales. But the divided category," the scope of subsidies will be more extensive, almost all LED color television in the allowance range, will be more benefit from the policy. Key recommendation of Gree Electric (000651), Hisense Electric (600060).dab4d53ck In addition, although electric boss (00250 is not in the scope of subsidies, but considering its growth and stability and the valuation adjustment of the full, also give recommendation.

Shenyin Wanguo (price, information, comments that the air-conditioning subsidies ) also slightly lower than expected, a higher proportion of fixed subsidy, frequency conversion speed slow promotion. Flat TV subsidies as expected, a higher proportion of small and medium size subsidies, alleviate competition.

Gree Haier Hisense benefit

Affected by this, yesterday h home appliances plate shine, SKYWORTH (0751-HK ) rose super a, TCL multimedia (1070-HK ), Haier Electrical (1169-HK ) or6% (0449-HK), high rise near4%.A home appliances plate also outperform the market, black power of Hisense electrical lead, rose 5.89%, Sichuan Changhong (600839),overseastudyhk.com/ Sichuan Jiuzhou (000801) subsequently. White power, show strong company (300160), Zhejiang (002677), Meida opened to environmental protection (300272), spring company, an environmental shield (002011) rose 4% in the above.

Research Report is expected in home appliances is expected to significantly outperform the market index. The first quarter of 2012, although home appliances plate fundamentals is very poor, but expected a new round of stimulus policy come on stage, will be beneficial to the product sales and industry profitability, plate and significantly outperform the market index.

In addition, after the recent on the Pearl River Delta Air conditioning industry chain research, that the air-conditioning industry competition pattern to improve the effect of apparent,ipazzport air conditioning price increase will drive the industry profitability. Recommend products competitiveness enterprise Gree, Hisense, Qingdao Haier Electrical Appliance (600690). In addition to be concerned about the benefit of high efficiency inverter air conditioner electromagnetic expansion valve drive increased demand for three shares (002050). Hong Kong stocks continue to recommend the Haier Electrical appliances, SKYWORTH digital, in addition with the upstream and downstream industry chain integration advantages and early TV on the Internet into leading TCL multimedia is also worthy of attention.

Shenyin think, from the rules, flat panel TV benefit level higher than air conditioning, black lead Hisense Electric will benefit, air-conditioning industry in the one or two levels of energy-efficient products a higher proportion of Gree appliances, beauty appliances (000527), Qingdao Haier is also expected to benefit from the subsidy policy. In turn recommended Qingdao Haier, Hisense Electric, Gree appliances,LED Floodlight beauty appliances, Hefei Sanyo (600983), little swan. Galaxy securities are similar, recommend benefit high efficiency flat panel television Hisense, TCL appliances; air-conditioning bibcock enterprise Gree, beautiful, Haier; major supplier of domestic electronic expansion valve three flowers company.

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