September 18, 2012

Salt " storage of solar energy

All the time since, wind dominates vast renewable energy market, used in solar energy production of the latest developments may make solar energy become more viable option.

If the solar energy can be stored, solved the problem, but the solution difficult to implement. Until recently, the field has found a breakthrough storage material, Solar Panel Supplier to make solar energy storage become reality, and this breakthrough storage material is a life of the most common " salt ".

In fact, this kind of magical material not ordinary salt, but usually as fertilizer in different salt mixture. At present, Solar Module Manufacturer dab6d25ck the storage of solar energy method has been in Spain Anderson Thor power plant opening.

Anderson was a plant collector of solar energy in the sunny weather through the oil collecting heat, additional oil is transported to the heat energy converter, Google TV remotes converter operates in the storage of molten salt giant barrels, low-temperature molten salt into high temperature molten salt. When the power station to store heat, high temperature salt can be poured into the converter, the heat is transferred to the oil used to produce steam, Promotion gifts and then cooling the molten salt reflux into the low-temperature barrels. This process repeated cycles, implementation power plant on the sustainable use of solar energy.

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